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Best Vintage Porn Movie [REPACK]

There are many categories of porn movies (opens in new tab) (choose your own adventure, everyone!), but there's just something special about vintage movies from pornography's Golden Age. Also known as "porno chic" (a.k.a best nickname ever), this period in porn history began in 1969 with the release of Andy Warhol's Blue Movie and continued through roughly 1984. By the mid-'80s, seeing porn in theaters had become less popular, thanks to the rising popularity of VHS players. At this point, the porn industry turned away from striving to be art of any kind and started its journey to its current state: short, increasingly hardcore clips (opens in new tab) on Pornhub. But, back in the Golden Age, art was most definitely the goal. These films had higher budgets, higher production values, and intricate (honestly, sometimes a bit zany) plots.

best vintage porn movie

Maybe it's the hair, maybe it's the grainy film, maybe it's the good acting, or maybe it's the fact that the plots are often completely and totally deranged. Whatever the x factor (or, should we say, "xxx factor"), vintage porn is a sometimes wonderful and often weird world, and these are the wildest and most iconic movies from the genre.

Bat Pussy is thought to have been made during the early 1970s (although the exact time of its release and production isn't totally clear). The movie is a parody of the old Batman TV show and is quite possibly the first example of pornographic parody ever. That distinction makes up for its less-flattering reputation as one of the worst porno movies ever made. Still, it's worth a watch.

This 1985 interracial pornographic movie was directed by Gregory Dark, who was one-half of the Dark Brothers team. The film has a controversial past. Traci Lords originally had the starring credit in the film, but investigators later discovered that she was underage during filming and her scenes were, of course, immediately removed from the film.

This 1975 Japanese pornographic film is part of Nikkatsu's Roman porno series and was based on a 17th-century Chinese erotic novel by Li Yu. The movie follows Mio, a struggling writer whose book, Flesh Futon, becomes a best-seller. With his success, Mio starts getting into the nightlife scene, only to find his luck change for the worse in every was imaginable.

This movie falls under the "sexploitation" category of porn films (meaning max nudity and a low budget), and is obviously based on Flash Gordon. The plot (or..."plot") takes place on Planet Porno, the bad guy is named Emperor Wang the Perverted, and there are nefarious "sex rays" at work making everyone obsessed with doing it.

Okay, so Nude on the Mood isn't technically a porn film (people don't have tons of crazy sex in it), but it is straight-up about a nudist colony on the moon, so it definitely qualifies as vintage erotica.

If you like your porn with a side of voyeurism, this movie is for you. The acting is decent, and it basically follows a woman (Pamela Mann) whose husband hires a private detective to follow and film her sexual encounters. The movie has a major twist at the end, which (years later spoiler alert!!!) is that Mann and her husband actually hired the detective together and the hookups were staged.

This might be the most famous pornographic film of all time, thanks to Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal (the Washington Post used "Deep Throat" as the code name for its anonymous source on the scandal). The 1972 movie, starring the legendary Linda Lovelace, is about a woman who struggles to orgasm and eventually learns that her clitoris is located in her throat (sure), which prompts her to embark on an oral sex odyssey.

This 1979 film is controversial even as pornography goes. The movie, which has the distinction of being the only one ever produced by men's magazine Penthouse, faced controversy over its scenes of violence and inclusion of unsimulated sex between extras.

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Whether you are a student of history or just love porn in general, vintage porn sites are just what you need! These hosts the kind of smut your parents, grandparents, and ancestors wanked hard to back in the days and there are so many of them they are bound to teach you some new things about sex and the sexual experience.

Quite a few of the performers in these vintage XXX flicks were not even actual pornstars. They were instead amateurs who got off on getting drilled on cam or like showing off their sexual skills for the audience. Most of them are somewhat famous now, especially among the cognoscenti.

At the very least, viewing vintage porn offers you a deep look at the past and makes you yearn hard for it, rather than the crazy society we are live in now. And that happens to be the main reason I love vintage XXX!

For us, vintage refers to material that dates back at least to the early 1990s, although when we're looking at this niche, we really want to see porn that goes from 1900 to 1970 as being the primary focus on the content. The history of porn is pretty much the entire idea behind vintage sex videos and pictures: you're taking a look back in time through a dirty lens. You might not find too much to jerk over, but some of these sites act as a museum for our historical views of eroticism throughout the ages. Honestly, if you thought that people had only started being kinky because of the Internet, one look at these sites and you'll soon change your mind.

For all of our reviews on Porn Guide, we have a huge number of different things that we take a look at, so that our readers are truly only seeing the top vintage porn sites around, and nothing that isn't capable of making the grade. One of the great things about vintage porn is that there isn't too much new stuff being produced, so we can be a little more specific with our judgments regarding what has been shared. We look at content quantity, how well it's labeled, how diverse the niches are and how easy it is to search through the site. It doesn't need to be like a library, but if you're visiting one of the best vintage porn websites, it better have at least some level of simplicity about it.

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The golden age of porn was when it all actually started. It started, to be frank, when the first video camera was made but then, these porn videos that we are talking about here are not what was made. They were some lame videos that were made where a man and a woman were having some softcore sex. It was truly lame. What we're talking about here are the porn videos of the late 70s, 80s and the 90s where Nina Heartley, Ron Jeremy, Mr. Holmes, Asia Carrera, Jenna Jameson were the ones who were destroying the markets and were making porn into what it is today, a household name if you want the truth. They were the pioneers who were treading the path that made the younger generations of today get their break in the porn business. There would be no Mia Khalifa if there weren't for Amber Lynn, there wouldn't be James Deen if there weren't for Seymore Butts. It is all related to one another and they all need to bow down and give respect to the ones who made it big. Classic porn was the best, it had a soul and it is here to be celebrated.

Vintage porn were movies that had some rawness to them. They were made under lame ass budgets and with a whole lot of love. They were made by enthusiasts who had nothing else in their lives but porn and it wasn't paying the bills like it is now. Back in those days, they had to grind and work their asses off. They made movies for days at a time, not like today where they come in for a couple of scenes and they are out. Thanks to the gonzo ways of making movies, the performers started getting lazy and that soul of it all is a little bit lost on us now. Vintage videos are the shit and we love them. With all the scenarios and interesting and funny dialogs, they had something special about them, even back then when they were being released. They had funky music behind the scenes and they are still to this day the synonym for sexy time. Just play any kind of a funky fat bass song and you will feel like you are in a sleazy theater watching a smut movie.

There are still some of the actors and actresses that are still, even after 30 years in the porn business. They are a testament to this industry. They are here to say that, even if you are in porn, if you own it with every fiber of your being, you can make porn into a mainstream product. When you take a look at all of the sites that we've placed on the list, you will see that some of them are premium ones and there are the ones that are regular tube sites. With premium ones, you get to see all of these retro movies in HD technology, something that was none existent back in the days when they were made. They were made on a tape and even the sound was recorded the same way. The digital enhancing gives them a gloss and they are not that vintage. Any of the sites that we presented are worth checking out due to the fact that they are all evergreen classics and they are all hits from over three decades. It is like the greatest hits album of porn. You are gonna like it. 350c69d7ab


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