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Cheating Crush - PC V0.24.rar

Though some of its imitators have abandoned random chance-to-miss, going back to XCOM has made me appreciate its diciness too. There's a gambler's thrill to the surprise hit against the odds, and the missed 90% shot at a viper who is about to crush a teammate that forces you to scramble for an alternate solution.

Cheating Crush - PC v0.24.rar

Man, I've only ever seen videos of the gameplay, but for whatever reason, the art/animation (plus Im real keen for judy) do it for me like nothing else. I was crushed to find out its not compatible with android.

With some more experience you will be able to handle the airfights pretty easily. I mean, they are scouts and lightscouts after all ... . But you can only make experience if you have enough condors. Soon you will know EXACTLY what to do and how to behave in the airfight. At this point corvettes will crush your dreams. Just ... at ... the ... right ... time. When you thought you started to be able to handle the fight for air supremecy. What will follow are a lot of smokeing airplanes and your need to think a way out of this mess.

173. "Super Color Blue Ghost by PJM" A really creepy edit. It mostly rushes the opponent, constanly attempting to use it's soul crush special. It can also fire a massive sphere of energy that's an instant KO. It has infinite power, and has no hit-boxes.

213. "Alsiel 3rd by Alsiel" This version of Alsiel has the usual moveset, but can also slam the opponent into the edge of the stage, and it can create a white flash that knocks the opponent back. It's soul crush special is an instant KO.

241. "Hastur by apelao" A widely known joke edit. The majority of it's attacks are taken from Rare Akuma, such as the Katamari ball of characters, and kicking the moon or Deathstar from the sky and crushing the opponent. It can also launch images of itself, and numerous other projectiles, these include skulls, spheres, and lasers. It's cheapness depends on which palette is selected, but even it's primary palette (pictured) can only be defeated with cheaper characters.

279. "G Sector Dragon by 4093" This edit retains some of the usual moveset, but it's main feature is a full-screen hyper where it pulls a planet out of space and crushes the opponent, this is usually followed by a trail of lasers. It can also fire skulls for projectiles as well. It's damage scale is higher, and defeating it with normal characters while possible is difficult, despite it's low health.

297. "Solitary by ahuron" An edit of Alsiel. It retains the usual moveset, but it's health is quite high, and it's soul crush is an instant KO. Defeating it with normal characters is next to impossible, as it is nearly invisible in-game.

344. "Alma Orochi Damonic by RESGOD" This version of Alma Orochi is very similar to the original, but with a bigger hurting aura, and after performing it's soul crush hyper, will throw the opponent into the wall. It cannot be defeated with normal characters. 041b061a72


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