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Omg Movie Bansuri Tone 66 !!HOT!!

He sends legal notices to the insurane company, which denied him insurance and proclaimed Godmen: Leelaladhara Swamy, Siddheshwar Maharaj and Gopika Matha as representatives of God in the court. The court accepts his case, which in further sessions would declare who is responsible for the destruction of Gopala Rao's shop and who would compensate him. Leeladhara Swamy's henchmen attempt to ambush Gopala Rao when the latter alone returns from Akbar's residence. Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu arrives, disguised as a common man of name Govinda Gopala Hari to help him. Hari rescues Gopala Rao and drops him home but Gopala Rao learns that a few fundamentalists threw stones at his residence which caused his father-in-law to take Meenakshi and Moksha with him. Hari, who claims himself to be a consultant, buys Gopala Rao's mortgaged house and allows him to stay at the house until he wins the case and claims his money. As the lawsuit caused public outrary, a TV channel requests him to give an interview to which he denies but upon being advised by Hari to express his views and clear his name, Gopala Rao accepts. He appears on a TV show and voicing his views against fake Godmen and the superstitions people believe, which is popularized and public opinion swings in his favour. Hundreds of people, whose insurance was denied because of Act of God provision by the insurance companies approach Gopala Rao and join him causing Gopala Rao to fight on behalf of them and further sends legal notices of Muslim Mullahs and Catholic priests who appear at court along with Leeladhara Swamy and others. The compensation amount to be paid by the responsible sums up to 500 crores INR leaving the insurance company at stress.

omg movie bansuri tone 66

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He is famous for his inspiring roles in various patriotic movies, but he once played the role of lord Hanuman in the film released in 1987. This revolved around the experiences of Lord Hanuman in modern India.

Sanjay played the role of Yamraj, the God of death in the movie. He brought his own charm, personality and swag to the role. He was seen wearing bright coloured clothes and driving vintage cars in the movie. He definitely added the fun quotient to the otherwise grim persona of a Yamraaj.


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