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Chick Extreme No 01

By 2016, she has become considerably more serious but still retains her caring side as well as more experienced and adept at using her powers. However, she has also begun to display a more darker side, becoming more selfish and ruthless when she begins abusing powers by ripping into the minds of enemies through extreme measures to extract information, leaving them catatonic and all down without showing any fear or remorse afterwards.[12] She sees her actions as justified and done for the greater good, therefore refuses to admit or acknowledge what she is doing is wrong. She was even willing to go so far as attempting to erase Superboy's memories over their arguments regarding the use of her powers, an act which ultimately lead to their break up.[17]

Chick Extreme No 01

This changed after she did the procedure on Aqualad; still hating him for Artemis's murder, she used her mindblast on him, ruthlessly extracting all information from him. The discovery that he was undercover left her shocked and deeply traumatized, causing her to reconsider the use of her powers.[18] She became more timid, and reluctant to use even the most basic forms of telepathy.[19] She was filled with extreme guilt by what she had done and only after Artemis motivated her, did she begin to fix her mistakes.[20] Eventually, she comes to fully realize the error of her ways and takes full responsibility over her actions and selfishness, setting out to atone for her mistakes and mending her relationships.[21][22] By 2018, Superboy confirmed that she no longer shattered minds after seeing the error of her ways and is still afraid of crossing that line again.[23][24]

Miss Martian confronted Halo about the extreme risks she took during the Bwunda mission. When Halo failed to offer any explanation, M'gann benched her from the Team until she was willing to talk to someone.[5]

Miss Martian joined the team leaders in the Batcave to brief Wonder Woman on their operation in Dublin. Wonder Woman was appalled that they were lying to their teammates and the public in such extreme ways, but was met with silence from M'gann and the others.[5]

BRIGHTON, N.Y. -- Just two days after the town of Greece moved plans forward to bring Chick-fil-A to town, a developer announced it has scrapped plans to bring another location of the longed-after chicken chain eatery to the Rochester area, this one in Brighton.

Dolphins and porpoises have many similarities, one of which is their extreme intelligence. Both have large, complex brains and a structure in their foreheads, called the melon, with which they generate sonar (sound waves) to navigate their underwater world.

Although no#1 wants to control no#2 (& no#3) at the same time gets extremely cross when he copies him, I explain that this is a compliment really but tbat only seems to satisfy him for a short time. I am really concerned for his behaviour especially if he is reacting the same at school (he has a real dislike for school). I do get cross with them and voices raise, which then causes no#3 to shout & scream! No#1 has asked Jesus into his heart and remind him of that, which helps for a little while. I do realise that I am (& hubby) probably most part of the causes of his behaviour but I am struggling to adjust the way I deal with him (& his brothers) I pray for strength each day to deal with them in a Christ like way but I know that I am failing in that really.

It's time to drop the myth that fast-food salads are naturally the healthier menu option, as that is often not true. This salad from Chick-fil-A is proof, thanks to the combination of the crispy chicken and the ranch-based dressing. No thanks!

Fries are often a go-to when it comes to fast-food side dishes, but these seasoned fries from Popeyes come in at more than 800 calories. And that's just a side order without factoring in the rest of the meal! Instead, pair your popcorn shrimp or chicken sandwich with green beans or coleslaw.

At Checkers, the worst menu item isn't a burger, but it's the chicken wings. They're fried and smothered in a creamy parmesan sauce, making for a meal that is packed with more than 1,000 calories. Plus that sodium count? No thanks!

Chicks require attentive parents for survival. Both parents feed the chick regurgitated food. Adults recognize and feed only their own chick. Parents are able to identify their chick by its distinctive call.

Male emperor penguins exhibit a feature unique among penguins. If the chick hatches before the female returns, the male, despite his fasting, is able to produce and secrete a curdlike substance from his esophagus to feed the chick, allowing for survival and growth for up to two weeks.

During a two year study of emperor penguins in Antarctica, mainly non-breeding adult females and failed breeding female emperors often "kidnapped" and attempted to "adopt" chicks that clearly were not their own.

In the spirit of Koichi Iwabuchi's call to study cultural globalization by looking at intra-Asian relations and circuits of circulation and Kyung Hyun Kim and Youngmin Choe's attempts to reengage formal analysis in the study of transnational flows of popular culture, (1) I would like to examine what I am calling the "microimport," by which I refer not to large-scale transfers of cultural products across different national contexts (e.g., adaptations of Japanese manga to Taiwanese television dramas) but rather to the importation of smaller elements of storytelling conventions, narrative construction, mise-en-scene, framing, cinematography, editing, sound, and so on from one cultural form to another that enables existing genres to reorient and refresh themselves in relation to emerging social dynamics. Here, I would like to examine how elements of the Korean "revenge" film is selectively adapted by Bollywood (or Indian popular cinema in the Hindi language) to create a subgenre that I am calling "bourgeois extreme." These elements introduce into Hindi cinema a new problematic of revenge and the figure of the middle-class avenger whose vengeful acts not only blur the line between good and evil but subsume all moral codes under the category of debt. Whether such a character is particular to Korean cinema or not is beyond the scope of this paper; however, my research suggests that Korean cinema's conception of revenge as an act not confined to a particular social stratum (e.g., the gangster) is a very significant element of its reception by Bollywood cinema. Further, the elaborately orchestrated and visually thrilling form that the revenge scenario assumes is also attractive to Bollywood, for it is a commercial film industry always on the quest for cinematic attractions that will secure audience interest. Moreover Korean cinema's difference from Hollywood, whose conventions it uses, modifes, localizes, and critiques, and its success in creating a domestic film culture and film product that successfully competes with Hollywood in domestic markets and enjoys a reputation internationally make it comparable to the aspirations of what has been called the New Bollywood cinema, which since the 1990s or so has sought to cultivate a more urban and middle-class audience that primarily watches films in the country's many upscale and higher-priced multiplexes. (2) The putative similarity between the political economy of the new Korean cinema and New Bollywood is precisely what makes the microimport both viable and necessary to the reinvention of the Bollywood revenge film. The mediaindustrial metrics that have mostly organized the study of intra-Asian cultural flows via data-driven and audience-and fan-oriented research, while vitally important, have a hard time computing the more granular exchanges that help assemble a global-popular aesthetic. Yet as I shall try to argue, these more elusive flows do not occur in any manner whatsoever, but rather the political economy and cultural dynamics of what Jinhee Choi (and others) have called the South Korean Film Renaissance (3) finds resonance in the Indian context as New Bollywood cinema crawls out of postcoloniality into globalization. (4)...

Wels catfish is native to eastern Europe and western Asia and has been widely introduced to western Europe, where it quickly became invasive, but its impact on invaded ecosystems is still not fully understood (Copp et al. 2009). In Italy, wels catfish is now widespread, especially in the northern part of the country (Po River Basin). It grows faster than in its native range (Rossi et al. 1991) and has been highlighted as a potential driver of native fish decline (Castaldelli et al. 2013). We used a control/impact study setup, using a Nature Reserve in northern Italy and a nearby control area, to determine: 1) the contribution of waterbirds to wels catfish diet in the reserve, 2) the population density of wels catfish in the Reserve and control areas and 3) the potential impacts of waterbird depredation by wels catfish on waterbird population sustainability. We hypothesised that invasive wels catfish predation could be a potentially significant pressure on waterbirds, especially during the nesting season and on chicks. We assumed predation would be predator-density dependent and expected predation to be size-limited, so that young birds would be the main prey and larger wels catfish to have a higher proportion of birds in their diet. Ultimately, our study constitutes a preliminary attempt to assess the potential of introduced wels catfish to affect the conservation value of waterbird protection areas.

To offer a comparison of the scale and potential impact of wels catfish consumption on birds, we used average weights of each bird species (accounting for sexual dimorphism in size, see Suppl. material 1: Table S4) to estimate an overall nesting adult biomass in the Reserve during the summer season (i.e. the season when fish predation is most likely). We may have underestimated the total waterbird biomass because we did not include the weight of chicks and there may be constant turnover of individuals in the bird population. Furthermore, the waterbird biomass would be considerably higher in winter, when bird numbers increase. 041b061a72


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