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Hello Neighbour 2 Beta

  • Hello Neighbor 2 BetaVersion FactsRelease DateApril 7, 2022Build Number7Miscellaneous FactsFirst beta of Hello Neighbor 2

  • First build of Hello Neighbor 2 to have NPCs

Release ChronologyPreviousNextHello Neighbor 2 Alpha 2Hello Neighbor 2.The Hello Neighbor 2 Beta is the closed beta for Hello Neighbor 2 that was released on April 7, 2022. It comes with a Pre-Order of Hello Neighbor 2 (or its Deluxe Edition) on any platform.

hello neighbour 2 beta

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Moving on to the Deluxe Edition. Both standard and Deluxe Edition versions will grant you beta access. But of course, the Deluxe Edition comes with a few extra sweet treats. Namely, three new DLC available at launch and five days of early access to the game prior to its full release on December 6, 2022. Think of all the extra sleuthing you can do!

More specifically, the suburban horror game will hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on December 6. Developer tinyBuild announced this news alongside the reveal of its Hello Neighbor 2 Deluxe Edition. Plus, those who preorder the game will immediately gain access to the beta that went live yesterday.

The game went into the beta phase on July 25, 2017.[18][19] For Halloween 2017, a promotional mod was released including multiple elements from the indie game Bendy and the Ink Machine. The mod includes a black and yellow tint, ink, music from the game and multiple appearances of Bendy.[20] The game was originally set for a full release on August 29, 2017,[21] but was delayed until December 8, 2017.[22][23]

He is a boy wearing a crow costume similar to the Guest himself. His costume appeared at the end of Alpha 1, where the player had to interact with it to end the game. He appeared physically towards the end of Alpha 1.5, where he was revealed to be the only real child out of the three kidnapped by the Guest. The player was tasked with finding candy and placing it into a bag to lure him closer to the door. His costume also makes an appearance in the basement in the beta.

TinyBuild has confirmed that the only way to get access to the new Hello Neighbor 2 beta is by pre-ordering the full game. There are two different versions available to buy, and both can be found on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation Stores. All pre-order players will be granted instant access to the pre-order exclusive Beta, which comes with a limited amount of gameplay.

Though a release date for the full release hasn't been set and development is still ongoing, a short alpha demo is available to play on the official website right now. But in 2022, Xbox users who pre-order Hello Neighbor 2 on April 7 will be able to play a closed beta version of the game, with a small sampling of Ravenbrooks to explore.

At the time of writing this preview, the beta build was v0.0, meaning that early impressions may not be fully representative of the full release. It will, however, be interesting to see how the game is shaping up, especially with several months for the developers to add that polish that critics claimed the original game was missing.

In addition to our neighbours, whom we only have to worry about when on their property, we are also stalked by a beaked character called the Guest. Fans of the franchise might recognise him from earlier alpha builds like the aptly named Hello Guest.

WABetaInfo uncovered clues of the upcoming feature in WhatsApp beta v2.20.110 and v2.20.196.8. In the earlier beta, the security notification - which is always triggered whenever a user's security code has changed - mentioned about the logging in/out of multiple devices.

In the more recent beta, the menu section has an option for "Linked Devices" which replaces the current "WhatsApp Web" option. The "Linked Devices" tab shows all the devices that the user has logged in with the same account. The multi-device support is also believed to be limited to four devices. 041b061a72


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