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How to Hack Your Mac's EFI Firmware Passwords with EFIPW

i tried to load this firmware into a locked mac and the uefi firmware password was ignored. if you havent got a locked mac, this tool will not work for you. its also not possible to patch the apple firmware with this tool. however, it is possible to patch the apple firmware by using csmutil.exe. i provided a link to that utility below. i think a lot of people got confused by the terminology between a firmware password and a secureboot password. secureboot passwords are used to set up secureboot and are not necessarily a security measure. a firmware password is a security measure and must be entered to access the underlying efi firmware. you can also set a firmware password on your mac (for future use) by booting into single user mode. a firmware password is stored in a separate efi file (.efi) which cannot be edited. a firmware password is a security measure that should be implemented and is not something that can be easily bypassed by a hacker.

EFIPW – Modify Apple EFI Firmware Passwords

i'm afraid i have no idea what version of os you have on the mac, but there are a couple of ways of setting the firmware password. if you have already installed an os and then found out that the firmware password has been bypassed, then you can use the following two methods of setting the firmware password. the first way is to boot into single user mode and then run csmutil, the second way is to use this program efipw

in the hardware menu of the macbook pro, there is a section labeled efi firmware password, which can be edited with the keyboard combination command+spacebar. the resulting screen can be scrolled down and the edited value can be copied to the clipboard. the current value is stored in an nvram variable named efi. this is the value that i wanted to change, so i opened a terminal, accessed the nvram variable using a command like this:


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