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Buy Chakra Crystals

Different crystals are said to help with healing different chakras or the different areas of your life. In fact, just wearing or holding a healing crystal connected to the chakra you are working on can assist you in deepening your focus and aligning that chakra.

buy chakra crystals

Some crystal experts recommend opting for raw, rough stones over polished or tumbled stones. With rough stones you can see the growth structures in the crystals whereas in polished stones, these structures have been smoothed out making it harder to tell whether they are real or not.

Air bubbles are a tell-tale sign that you are looking at glass rather than real crystal. Certain crystals are more at risk of this than others, such as Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz should have a transparent glassy look to it but it should never be totally perfect or contain air bubbles.

Psychic Tree is based in the UK but ships internationally so you can get your hands on their crystals, wherever you are in the world. The prices are very reasonable, and you will get regular discount codes if you sign up for their newsletter too.

They have a really wide product selection, including precious stones, crystal lamps, chakra jewelry and zodiac sets. I particularly like their unique, stylish jewelry pieces, like this Stress-Relief Diffuser Amethyst Necklace.

Sivana Spirit gives 10% of their profits to support mothers in need, so by purchasing one of their gorgeous authentic crystals you are also adding a positive contribution to the world at the same time.

They source their products from all over the world and have a wide range of hard to find crystals at reasonable prices. For example, they stock stones like Malachite, a rare crystal used in crystal healing to reduce stress, promote positivity and balance emotions, which can be difficult to get hold of.

I particularly like the Beginners Crystal Kit, which combines the perfect combination of beautiful crystals for someone looking to start or grow their crystal collection. The set includes seven natural rough gemstones which align to each of the seven key Chakras, and it also includes a bonus Selenite Stick, ideal for portable crystal charging.

Bliss Crystals was founded by a mother and daughter team in 2010. They have an exquisite boutique of Grade A crystals in tumbled stones, specimens, jewelry and decor. Like the other stores on this list, they also hand-select gems from ethical sources worldwide.

The staff at Bliss Crystals are all trained Crystal Docents who are able to guide beginners as well as experienced collectors who are looking for rare and unusual crystals. Every crystal also comes with a descriptive card to explain its uses and properties.

I particularly like the selections of tumbled natural chakra stones. Bliss Crystals suggests using them in crystal grids as well as part of a Feng Sui practice to accent and enhance the beauty of spaces and objects.

If you are looking for a unique tree of life that is made out of crystals, then this shop is the perfect shop for you. They also have a wide array of homeware products like crystal candle holders and crystal vases for those who would like to use crystals in their home in a more subtle way.

For those more experienced with crystals, you can find collections for particular crystals like Rose Quartz which can be handy if you need a specific crystal for a centering prayer, reiki session or chakra practice.

The selection of rough stones is pretty small but they have a lovely selection of crystal necklaces, sun catchers and key rings for those looking for alternative ways to incorporate chakra crystals into their life.

By 2016 he had a large crystal collection but was still not satisfied as there were very few or no outlets in India selling what he wanted and so began his quest for rare crystals outside India. Several hundred emails were sent to various suppliers all over the world. Most of them only wanted to sell to an organization and not to an individual, and in larger quantities. So he registered a company and began importing crystals. He also discovered that there are around 15000 recognized crystals and his dream was to collect all of them. This quest continues as today we have just 500 of those at Talk to Crystals.

People have often asked Sahil about his favorite crystal. Moldavite was and still is one of his favorite crystals and when he bought some in India they turned out to be fake. He sent out at least 50 emails to find the right supplier as he wanted to buy from someone who was working with the miners. One supplier from the Czech Republic who has more than 45 years of experience responded positively and he began importing moldavite. This is just one story, and we have many more such stories. This led to the understanding that crystals are best sourced from their country of origin.

Today Talk to Crystals is selling more than 5000 types of crystal products originating in India, Brazil, Morocco, Russia, the Czech Republic, and various other countries all around the globe. The products are available online as well as from our office in Gurgaon, India. Each product has been selected with love and care by Sahil and his team. A lot of care is taken to wash, cleanse, grade and make the crystals magical and ready to use for those who are to use them. As we all know, it is not we who choose the crystals, but the crystals that choose us. Do connect in case you need any other information.

An engineering graduate from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering, Sahil started a corporate career as expected but his heart was not in it. After only 2 years he decided to let go of this lucrative career and follow his heart and his calling. He learned about the different crystals through regular channels like the internet and books, but his major learning was from the ascended masters who gave him unique information about the crystals. He found he could intuitively create crystal grids and that he could heal through crystals without any so-called formal training. His connection to crystals brings information from the crystals themselves.

She has been reading tarot cards since the time the cards were not easily available in India. She has done over 3000+ accurate readings for people all around the world and continues to do so. She believes that the tarot is not just a tool for fortune telling or guidance, but a healing tool as well. Those who come to her for a reading must walk out happier. lighter and with a clear plan about how to deal with their situation. Crystals always fascinated her and she collected them wherever she could find them. Tarot was her natural gift from the universe or other lifetimes, and crystals complimented her tarot skills. She found that using crystals gave relief to many, and crystals became a part of her readings and healing.

On meeting Sahil in 2018, she was exposed to a much larger range and variety of crystals. Her crystal learning and experience reached a new level. They decided to work together and Nita is now an integral part of the Talk to Crystals team. She manages a large part of the day-to-day operations, and the content for the website, takes crystal consultations and deals with many walk-in customers.

Her journey started when she came out of a difficult period in her life and was introduced to Reiki healing in 2012. She experienced the healing power of reiki for the first time opening up a whole new world for her. From being a level 1 Reiki healer to becoming a Reiki master, and eventually learning to connect with angels, crystals, and other divine realms, her spiritual journey has been magical. She believes that Reiki is one of the most effective and gentle healing methods which can smoothly change and improve our energy at all levels. The ultimate goal of her sessions is to make her clients experience loving energies and self-empowerment. She strongly believes that LOVE can heal anything.

In 2014, she had a chance meeting with Sahil Jain, and they spent hours and days discussing the beautiful world of healing crystals. She gifted him a few basic crystals, which he fell in love with. They wished to spread the knowledge of crystals to all people and soon started conducting workshops on crystal healing. When people expressed the desire to buy crystals from them, the idea of starting a platform for healing crystals took shape, which Sahil then took forward.

Using this crystal is an easy process as it adapts to the user quickly and helps begin the journey of healing. As with any crystal, spend time and interact with the rose quartz with the intention of being surrounded by love, and then adding in any specific area you may want to work on. A selfless healer, the rose quartz crystal is equally easy to cleanse by any method you find most convenient. It is a crystal that is safe to be cleansed with water; if in a hurry you can simply cleanse it by holding it under cold running water for a few minutes. Just as rose quartz charges you with loving energy, it is necessary to remember to recharge the crystal with the energy of the moon. Cleansing will not only help the crystal be full of healing energy but will also deepen the relationship you have with the crystal and the relationship you have with yourself. Buy healing crystals online as we sell genuine heaaling crystals.

A soft, pale, and translucent green stone, Green Aventurine is known as the stone of luck, opportunities, and growth. Apart from its ability to bring in abundance, this stone is also associated with the heart chakra. It works on soothing the heart as well as opening it up.

Healing crystals are a new age modality for healing and are often used in reiki healing. Some people also call them reiki healing crystals forthis reason.Healing Properties and Meaning of Clear QuartzA master healer, Clear Quartz is a semi-transparent, clear and powerful crystal. It is a magnificent amplifier, which not only opens the mind but also uplifts the spirit by supporting your entire energetic system. This crystal is expansive in its nature and broadens the consciousness and opens a connection to higher energies and frequencies - this opens you up to a much deeper sense of spirituality. Clear quartz brings in a lightness into the energetic field, making it a good emotional stabiliser especially during meditation, restorative work and sleep. The amplifying ability of Clear Quartz makes it a great partner stone for any other crystal; Clear Quartz instantly amplifies the energy of the crystal or stone it is paired with helping you experience deeper healing and more powerful energies. Clear Quartz is easy to program with your intention and adjusts to your energetic field almost instantly. It works on the user's entire energy field, it helps balance energies that are not serving a purpose and increase those that are helping progress. Its energy resonates with the crown and third eye chakras. This stone aids in concentration and mental clarity and helps in keeping clouded thoughts and dense energies away. The way Clear Quartz is very easy to work with, it is equally easy to cleanse - with water, smoke, sage or incense, or sound. Clear Quartz is like a silent helper, one that you may not notice all the time but is always working for your highest good. Wearing clear quartz as a necklace is an excellent way to expand your aura. 041b061a72


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