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Naran Kula Nayagan: A Tamil Dubbed Version of Jack the Giant Slayer

Naran Kula Nayagan: A Tamil Dubbed Version of Jack the Giant Slayer

Naran Kula Nayagan is a 2013 Tamil dubbed movie that is based on the Hollywood fantasy adventure film Jack the Giant Slayer. The movie tells the story of Jack, a young farmhand who unwittingly opens a portal between his world and a fearsome race of giants. He joins forces with a princess, a knight and a king to stop the giants from reclaiming the land they once lost.

Naran Kula Nayagan 2013 Tamil Dubbed Movie

The movie stars Nicholas Hoult as Jack, Eleanor Tomlinson as Princess Isabelle, Ewan McGregor as Elmont, Stanley Tucci as Roderick and Ian McShane as King Brahmwell. The movie was directed by Bryan Singer and produced by Legendary Pictures and New Line Cinema. The movie was released in March 2013 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The movie grossed $197 million worldwide against a budget of $195 million.

Naran Kula Nayagan was dubbed in Tamil by Goldmines Telefilms and released in India in June 2013. The movie was also dubbed in other languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The movie was well received by the Tamil audience who enjoyed the action, humor and visual effects of the movie. The movie was also praised for its faithful dubbing and voice acting.

Naran Kula Nayagan is a fun and entertaining movie that appeals to both children and adults. The movie combines elements of fairy tales, mythology and history to create a thrilling and imaginative story. The movie showcases the power of courage, friendship and love in the face of danger and evil. The movie is a must-watch for fans of fantasy and adventure genres.

Jack joins the king's elite guard, led by Elmont and his second in command Crawe, along with Roderick and his attendant Wicke, to climb the beanstalk and rescue Isabelle. Roderick secretly possesses a magic bean that he stole from the monk, as well as a mysterious key that he wears around his neck. He plans to use them to gain access to the giants' realm and take over their world with the help of the crown of Erik, which he believes is hidden there.

As they ascend the beanstalk, they encounter one of the giants, who attacks them and kills Crawe. Jack, Elmont and Roderick survive and continue to climb. They find Isabelle's guard who tells them that she escaped from the giants' clutches and is somewhere on the island. They also discover that the giants are led by two brothers, Fallon and Fumm, who have a taste for human flesh. Fallon has two heads, one of which is deformed and constantly insults the other.

Jack eventually finds Isabelle and rescues her from a giant. They become separated from the others and find a long-abandoned castle that belonged to Erik and his people. There they find the remains of Erik, along with his crown and a poem that explains how to control the giants. Jack and Isabelle are then captured by Wicke, who reveals himself to be Roderick's accomplice. Roderick takes the crown and forces Jack to reveal how to use it by threatening to kill Isabelle. 0efd9a6b88


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