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The 13,050-feet-high Rohtang Pass, 51 km north of Manali and the gateway to Lahaul and Spiti, is not only famous for its scenic splendour and snow-clad mountains, this pass is also the source of river Beas.This place is a favourite holiday spot for tourists who visit the place from all over the world. The Beas emerges from a cavern at the Rohtang Pass and assumes different identities as the seasons go by, from a clear blue easy-flowing mountain river to an awesome torrent during the monsoon. The name Rohtang is a new one, the old being "Bhrigu Tung". On the south is Kullant (Kullu) while in the north is the desolate and barren area of Lahaul and Spiti. There was a time when both these areas were not connected. Legend has it that people prayed to Lord Shiva to make a way, who, with his trishul, cut the "Bhrigu Tung" mountain and made a path that is now known as Rohtang pass. On the right of Rohtang Pass lies the source of the Beas also known as "Beas Rishi". This is where the great thinker and writer of the Mahabharata, Maharishi Vyas, meditated. To the south of this is another source known as Beas Kund. Both these mountain streams meet at Palchan village, about 9 km from Manali, to form the Beas. This place is now known as Vashisht village. Manali is situated on the right banks of the river. From Manali, the river, after passing through dense evergreen forests, reaches Kullu town. The Beas has many tributaries; Manalsu, Sarwari, Parvati, Thirthan and Sainj are some of them. Vashisht, Bhrigu, Jamdagni, Narad, Vishwamitra, Bhardwaj, Vamdev, Kapil, Gautam, Shringi, Vyas, Prashar, Kanav and Parshu Ram came here on different occasions, meditated on the banks of the river and decided to stay back. Even today, their temples exist in this valley of the Beas.Many places, which are symbols of ancient civilisation, have dwelled and prospered on the banks of the river. Beas has changed its course many times due to change in weather conditions, but its charm still attracts both domestic and foreign visitors to the Kullu valley.

Tourist Trophy Pc.torrent



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