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Dozer Accessories and Attachments: How to Enhance Your Machine's Performance and Versatility

We released dozer around 2 years ago and never expected this many downloads for such a niche framework. Thanks to the community for contributing and using our tool. Let's hope for 10,000 more downloads!


This release includes runtime statistics support, JMX integration, event listening model, dozer configuration through a properties file, XMLBeans mapping, and a few other things. There is also a few bug fixes.

Also called a crawler or a bulldozer, dozers are heavy equipment often used for large-scale construction and mining projects. Fitted with a blade on the front and a ripper on the back, dozers are powerful demolition and pushing machines.

They are used mainly for excavation, digging, leveling, and earthmoving projects including pushing large amounts of heavy materials like snow, rock, sand, dirt, and more. As the front of a bulldozer has a blade rather than a bucket, they're not as great at material handling as other equipment like skid steers, backhoes, wheel loaders, or even excavators.

Popular construction sites that dozers are used for include the early stages of road building, land clearing like removing rubble, rocks, or debris, fine grading, or ground leveling. These crawlers are also great for other forms of heavy-duty maintenance like snow plowing and tearing up asphalt.

There are different kinds of dozers that will impact the choice you make: there are standard track-width dozers as well as low-ground pressure dozers, also known as wide-track dozers. When working in soft-ground environments, you'll want an LGP dozer to prevent any sinking or chance of getting stuck.

Bulldozers can be used for a variety of different construction projects. Since their large flat blades can be used to push and move large amounts of dirt or rock, dozers are often seen in a variety of commercial and large-scale industries such as construction, mining, and farming. The heaviness of what the machine can push will change based on the dozer's specs.

A bulldozer can also be used with other pieces of heavy equipment to effectively and efficiently complete a project. The bulldozer is a great addition to any excavation project and is often used alongside backhoes or excavators to move the excavated materials around.

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Aside from pushing around dirt and soil, bulldozers can be used to clear brush and waste using the ripper on the back. They are also used often on landfill projects due to their ability to push around heavy loads. Lastly, bulldozers can also be used to grade surfaces, rip out trees, and grind down rocks.

While not the best machine for lifting and material handling, fitting the dozer with the right blade can help the machine become more efficient. There are several blade types including straight blades (S-blades), universal blades (U-blades), Semi-U (S-U-blades), and Angle Blades.

Beyond blades, dozers can also be fitted with rakes. For example, root rakes are a great attachment when doing large-scale land clearing that can take out bushes and roots while leaving any of the soil behind.

Small bulldozers are machines between 15,000 lbs and 25,000 lbs, medium dozers are between 25,000 lbs and 100,000 lbs, and large dozers are any machine above 100,000 lbs. The horsepower range of these machines is typically less than 100 hp for small, between 100 and 400 hp for medium, and above 400 hp for large.

There are only a few manufacturers to consider when looking to buy or rent a dozer. Many modern bulldozers have state-of-the-art technology built into them like grade technology or increased load-carrying performance. However, the strength of the machine will depend on different dozer specs, sizes, and models.

Caterpillar is one of the most recognized brands of heavy equipment and machinery. Within their bulldozer portfolio, they make 18 models including the small D1, D2, and D3 dozers, their medium Cat bulldozers, the D4, D5, D6, D6XE, D7, and D8 dozers, and their large crawlers including the D9, D10T2 (Tier 4 Final), and D11 dozer, which is the biggest Cat dozer at 229,800 lbs. There is no D12 dozer currently.

For their specs, Caterpillar dozers range between 80 to 105 hp and 15,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs for the small dozers, 130 to 350 hp and 29,000 to 88,000 lbs for the medium dozers, and 450 to 800 hp and 100,000 lbs to 250,000 lbs for the large crawlers.

Designed with performance, efficiency, comfort, and reliability in mind, Liebherr bulldozers offer a variety of different options. Liebherr doesn't produce any standard small crawler tractors as the Liebherr 716 and 726 dozers, their two smallest models, have operating weights between 29,000 lbs to 46,000 lbs.

For their small crawlers, they make 10 models ranging from 19,842 lbs to 31,438 lbs. They also have 16 medium bulldozers ranging from 41,094 lbs to 53,000 lbs and 11 large bulldozers ranging from 68,530 lbs to 120,970 lbs. Lastly, they have industry-specific machines including their surface mining dozers, the D375 and D475, which are 163,340 lbs and 254,195 lbs respectively.

Growing from what was originally just a plow, John Deere dozers offer a large variety of heavy equipment. The smallest John Deere bulldozer is the 450 dozer coming in at 18,752 lbs and 80 horsepower. Their largest crawler dozer is the John Deere 1050 with a weight of 96,000 lbs and 350 hp, making it quite a bit smaller than other manufacturers on this list.

In between the John Deere 450 dozer and 1050, they also have the 550, 650, 700, 750, 850, and 950 dozers. There also used to be the John Deere 350 dozer but that has been discontinued and bought used.

The last supplier we're going to cover in this blog is Case. Case dozers include 6 models: the 650M, 750M, 850M, 1150M, 1650M, and 2050M. They also previously had the Case 450 dozer, but this was discontinued.

The smallest Case bulldozer, the 650M, has an operating weight of around 16,000 lbs and 68 horsepower. The largest Case dozer, the 2050M, has an operating weight of 49,000 lbs and 218 horsepower, making their models only in the small and medium ranges.

Operating any kind of heavy equipment could pose a safety hazard and dozers are no exception. It is important to always be careful and to only operate a piece of heavy equipment after receiving proper training. Bulldozers are incredibly powerful machines and incorrect usage can create a dangerous situation.

All Dozer endpoints require a Dozer mapping configuration file which defines mappings between source and target objects. The component will default to a location of META-INF/dozerBeanMapping.xml if the mappingFile or mappingConfiguration options are not specified on an endpoint. If you need to supply multiple mapping configuration files for a single endpoint or specify additional configuration options (e.g. event listeners, custom converters, etc.), then you can use an instance of org.apache.camel.converter.dozer.DozerBeanMapperConfiguration.

We hear you loud and clear. When customers sound off, we listen. Power turns. Counter-rotating tracks. Power management. Infinitely variable travel speeds. John Deere has been introducing productivity-boosting advantages on our crawler dozers for decades. We make it our business to know your business. To meet your unique needs, choose the model to match the application. Whether your work is in roadbuilding, quarry or mining, land clearing, site development, or general earthmoving, John Deere has a dozer to help.

Efficiency and intelligence have always been the hallmarks of our products. That is why with Generation 8 we have continued to build on the proven, electronically controlled, continuously variable drive with ECO mode. To ensure you always get the maximum performance from your machine, we have combined the new electronic operating hydraulics with the latest advanced man machine interface. And to transform the workplace into a high comfort work station, we have developed the Liebherr Silent Design - the most comprehensive noise reduction package ever installed in a Liebherr dozer.

Profitable crawler dozer operation is much more than just cutting the cost of moving material. That is why, when developing the new Generation 8, we focused our attention on your entire construction site process: From simple transport, through cost-effective operation for both light and heavy applica-tions, with the aid of intelligent assistance systems, right up to service logistics.

You decide how much "power" the Liebherr crawler dozer will give you. If large quantities of material are to be moved, the hydrostatic drive works at constant engine speed to save resources and keep costs down. For light work, you can give priority economy with the Eco mode. And every time, the environment always benefits.

For productive use, every operating step you make demands the ideal combination of speed and traction. The Liebherr crawler dozer, lets you choose the highest possible speed for your operating conditions and directly call up full thrust at any time via the joystick. Through the Liebherr hydrostatic drive, the machine auto-matically and continuously delivers the correct traction when ripping.

Crawler dozer operators depend fully on all of their senses. Through effective shock absorption, the latest Generation 8 dozer filters out vibrations, but you still have the full feedback to form the perfect level. The reassuring Operator Assistance Systems help you to exceed your demands for productivity and precision. Through the digital display interface you always keep an eye on your objective.

The new Operator Assistance Systems in the Generation 8 crawler dozers include three levels of driver support: Free Grade for active blade stabilisation during fine grading; Definition Grade for automatic blade positioning when creating simple 2D surfaces, 3D Grade from Topcon as optional GNSS machine control for modelling complex terrain forms. In addition, the option is available to order factory installed ready-kits, which allow a range of machine control systems from Trimble and Leica to be retrofitted in the field.

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