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Dozer Accessories and Attachments: How to Enhance Your Machine's Performance and Versatility

We released dozer around 2 years ago and never expected this many downloads for such a niche framework. Thanks to the community for contributing and using our tool. Let's hope for 10,000 more downloads!


This release includes runtime statistics support, JMX integration, event listening model, dozer configuration through a properties file, XMLBeans mapping, and a few other things. There is also a few bug fixes.

Also called a crawler or a bulldozer, dozers are heavy equipment often used for large-scale construction and mining projects. Fitted with a blade on the front and a ripper on the back, dozers are powerful demolition and pushing machines.

They are used mainly for excavation, digging, leveling, and earthmoving projects including pushing large amounts of heavy materials like snow, rock, sand, dirt, and more. As the front of a bulldozer has a blade rather than a bucket, they're not as great at material handling as other equipment like skid steers, backhoes, wheel loaders, or even excavators.

Popular construction sites that dozers are used for include the early stages of road building, land clearing like removing rubble, rocks, or debris, fine grading, or ground leveling. These crawlers are also great for other forms of heavy-duty maintenance like snow plowing and tearing up asphalt.

There are different kinds of dozers that will impact the choice you make: there are standard track-width dozers as well as low-ground pressure dozers, also known as wide-track dozers. When working in soft-ground environments, you'll want an LGP dozer to prevent any sinking or chance of getting stuck.

Bulldozers can be used for a variety of different construction projects. Since their large flat blades can be used to push and move large amounts of dirt or rock, dozers are often seen in a variety of commercial and large-scale industries such as construction, mining, and farming. The heaviness of what the machine can push will change based on the dozer's specs.

A bulldozer can also be used with other pieces of heavy equipment to effectively and efficiently complete a project. The bulldozer is a great addition to any excavation project and is often used alongside backhoes or excavators to move the excavated materials around.

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Aside from pushing around dirt and soil, bulldozers can be used to clear brush and waste using the ripper on the back. They are also used often on landfill projects due to their ability to push around heavy loads. Lastly, bulldozers can also be used to grade surfaces, rip out trees, and grind down rocks.