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Meat Puppet

The purpose of a Meat Puppet is usually to act as a tool for the controller, ranging from basic slaves to intricately placed spies, sometimes also being used as a "Seeing Eye Dog" if the controller can remotely view through the puppet's senses. Generally, a Meat Puppet is a Faceless Goon, used as a Meat Shield, or simply becomes a brainwashed Mook that's expendable to a villain or antihero in control of it.

Meat Puppet

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  • Literature In Animorphs, people who have been infested by a Yeerk are known as Controllers. The host is fully conscious but unable to move, save for a few seconds of Fighting from the Inside if they're lucky. The Yeerk can read all of the host's thoughts and memories, and communicate them through thought-speak.

  • Two very creepy examples in The Caster Chronicles - Sarafine inhabiting Mrs. Lincoln in Beautiful Creatures, and Mrs. English being possessed by the Lilum in Beautiful Chaos.

  • Imperial Radch: The ancillaries from Ancillary Justice. They're typically made using dissidents from conquered worlds, who have implants shoved into their brains that permanently render them extensions of a ship's AI, obliterating all previous identity. They're used as ground soldiers or anything else that needs a pair of hands. Most people call them corpse soldiers.

  • George R. R. Martin had a short story in which the corpses of executed criminals were implanted with control chips and sold as industrial equipment. They were only good for certain types of work, because they were somewhat clumsy and required human operators. Much of the plot revolved around the practical and financial issues facing the corpse-driver protagonists.

  • Old Virginia by Laird Barron had a Humanoid Abomination sitting on the shoulders of various people and using them for transport (a case of being literally hagridden), controlling them through tendrils inserted into their spine. This ends up being the fate of the protagonist as well.

  • In The Devils Of D-Day by Graham Masterton, the demon Elmek possesses a local priest. When the protagonist demands to know what happened to the real Father Anton, Elmek points out he just stepped on his entrails. Turns out in this case Demonic Possession means ripping out the victim's insides and sitting inside the body, working it like a literal puppet.

  • Live-Action TV Doctor Who: In "Resolution", the villain controls archaeologist Lin in this fashion, forcing her to build it a new set of armour. After its casing is destroyed, the Dalek recon scout takes over Aaron, Ryan's estranged father.Lin: Who are...what are you? Creature: I am your pilot now. (Lin struggles to pull the creature off her back, only for her hand to be forced back down) Creature: Do not fight me. I have control of your body. All brain and motor functions are under my power. Lin: Please, no... Creature: Silence. See how I control you. Turn. (Lin jerks round to face the mirror) Look. (It speaks through her mouth.) You are my prisoner now. You are my...puppet.

  • In The Flash (2014), Doctor Alchemy was created by Savitar taking over Julian Albert's mind with the Philosopher's Stone.

  • In Supernatural, demons and angels require vessels to walk the earth. The term meat puppet is often used.Meg: (possessing Sam) Sam's still my Meat Puppet. I'll make him bite his tongue off.

  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir: In "Centennial", the captain takes over Claymore's body so he can dance with Mrs. Muir.

  • In an episode of Dead Gorgeous, Mr. Griffith is laid up with a kidney stone. To avoid having Miss Sinclaire expel the Ainsworth girls, their ghost guide Agatha possesses Mr. Griffith and forces him up out of bed.

  • Webcomics In Chapter Two of Antlers, Colorado, Austin is possessed and used as a vessel by an evil entity that has been bound to a lake for centuries. There's a chapter from Lake-Austin's point of view where it's obvious that the lake has no idea what the limitations of a human body are, or just doesn't care.

  • In Fite!, the Mutali turns out to be just puppets of Skerry.

  • Stand Still, Stay Silent gives us the unnerving possibility of this being the ultimate fate of victims of The Plague that resulted in the current After the End setting the characters find themselves in. Be they Beast (animal-based victims), Troll (human-based victims) or Giant (combo-platter critters). As if facing becoming a Body of Bodies and/or Meat Moss Body Horror wasn't enough, you could be trapped and watching yourself attack others for decades.

MP1s are the weakest meat puppet. They go through a quick brainwash, and are then sent out to do their jobs. They have a low-tier body armor, without much ability to stop bullets. There are typically armed with machine guns and shotguns, though they are seen with Sniper Rifles at one point. 041b061a72


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