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I have read about 10 postings online about how to do this and they are all basically the same but the result is the same. Seems like a .jpg is not usable. I then got an .svg file online (just random) and tried to use that a ..... it is usable. The page -us/dotnet/maui/user-interface/images/splashscreen?tabs=android tells that you can use a jpg with certain resizing restrictions but nothing I have tried will get a .jpg to work. And it gets better. Thought I would try to use a png file. So copied a file to the Resources folder and changed the name in the csproj file. Got these errors: ErrorAPT2260resource drawable/NHLLogo (aka com.companyname.DEVEXFullProject:drawable/NHLLogo) not found.DEVEXFullProjectC:\Visual Stuido Stuff\Maui\DEVEXFullProject\Resources\Resources\drawable\maui_splash_image.xml2 ErrorAPT2061failed linking file resources.DEVEXFullProjectC:\Program Files\dotnet\packs\Microsoft.Android.Sdk.Windows\32.0.448\tools\Xamarin.Android.Aapt2.targets156


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